Jack Heyn - WWII Photo Journal

The following pages will describe in both words and photographs my involvement in the greatest conflict known to mankind - WWII

I served with the 3rd Bomb Group from 1941 until 1945 as a photographer with both the 13th Bomb Squadron Photo Shack and the Headquarters Photo Section. 

The story begins with my enlistment at  Fort Crook, Nebraska with the promise to attend the Photography School at Lowry Field in Denver, Colorado. My first week was spent at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where I was subjected to a battery of testing and evaluation. After that week, I was sent to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, Mo. for my basic training. From there I was sent to Savannah Army Air Base where I joined the Headquarters Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the 3rd Group was made ready to head to Australia. On January 19, 1941, the 3rd Group boarded a train bound for Oakland, California arriving there on January 23 and boarding the USS ANCON on January 31, 1941 which took us to Australia. The links below will take you to the next pages of my story from beginning to end.