Page Field


I had been reassigned to Page Field, Ft. Meyers, Fla.  The day I arrived while waiting for a bus to take me out to the field, this perky little brunette walked in sat across the room.  She was something else, looked so neat and clean, just like the girl next door was supposed to look.  She got on the Page bus but was too far ahead to get near.  A couple weeks later I was in town for a movie, got back to the bus station and there she was a gain.  This time I got the seat next to her.  She was a radio operator going out to pull the graveyard shift.  Name was Evelyn Johnson, but called Jonnie from the Johnson bit.   Walked her to the radio shack and made a date for a movie - the rest is 65 years of history.



































1. - One of the guys in the Photo Section did this "glamour?" shot of me.
2. - My Jonnie at work on the teletype machine.
3. - Here she handles the radio.  As she looks back she thinks of the responsibility her job carried, at the time it didn't bother her.
4. - The Photo Section tried to make a pet out of a turtle that wandered in.
5. - My friend Carol Hebble from Baltimore had spent 2-1/2 years in Karachi, India.  We were planning on going to Pht. Sch. in N.Y.C. when we got out.  He did go to NYC with me, but chickened out at the last minute.  Turned around and went back to Balto., I stayed and went to  school.
6. - My own private pin-up girl, she was (and still is, just 65 years older) a beauty.
7-8. - That summer we spent all of our off duty hours together.  From day one we hit it off real good.  Along about July I decided I wanted her to be My Jonnie.  Asked her to marry me, and she accepted.
9-10. - Aug. 15, '45 VJ Day we had a victory parade in the streets of Fort Meyers.
11. - I color a portrait of Jonnie that I had taken.
12. - Here we have the Photo Section guys at the PX having a "cold one" -- make that several "cold ones".
13. - Page was just starting to get returnees, it was manned by a bunch of USO Commandos.  This photo represents 13 years of overseas duty.
14. - Page was a P-51 training base, the instructors were all combat veterans.  Here some of them received belated medals for "above & beyond".
15. - Another shot of MY Pin Up girl.
16. - That skinny guy is what was left of 180lb guy after two bouts of Dengue Fever in the Pacific.
17. - More off duty time spent together.
18-19. - These were taken in Jaxonville after our wedding Dec. 10, '45
20. - We had a weekend off and went to Miami, this was taken at a nite club there.  I think it was on the bus back across the Tamiami Trail to Ft. M. that I popped the question.
21. - I spent an awful lot of graveyard shifts with her at the Radio Shack on the field.
22. - Another VJ Day parade shot.