March 1944

Jack Heyn - John Barr

Richard L. Walker Decoration

John P. Henebry Decoration

Wreckage of Ford Tri-Motor

Exploring Wreckage

George Tackaberry & Leith Seeley

Lae Airfield


















  1. - Pan view of campsite.  We pretty much had control of the skies and only suffered nuisance nite raids.  So rather than spread out and camouflage camp areas, they are all together.  Looks like a states side camp site, rather than a combat zone site.
  2. - Gen. Kenney pins a medal on Dick Walker, I would expect for the Rabaul missions.
  3. - Jock Henebry receives one also.
  4. - On a visit to the Lae airstrip - from whence Amelia Earhart took of in July, 1937 and flew off into oblivion - I found the wreckage of an old Ford Trimotor. Caught my attention because the first plane I ever saw close up was a Ford Trimotor when I was about 6 years old in Rapid City, S.D.
  5. - Tack plays solotaire in our tent at Nadzab.
6-9 - The 89th had taken a page out of Damon Runyon's book and named their planes after "Characters".  I photographed all of them, and they later appeared in an article in "Yank Down Under". 
10. - And here he reads a good book.
11. - Norm Nelson was a full blooded Pnobscot Indian from Tack's home town.
12. - Here Tack has a piece of cake - probably 6 weeks old by the time it got to us.
13. - Decoration formation at Nadzab.
14. - Here's Tack with a derelict jap plane.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   15. - Our living quarters at Nadzab
16-18. -  B-25D 41-30345  8th BS 3rd BG   Lost August 28, 1943
Hit by bomb blast of preceding plane while attacking an enemy ship on Hansa Bay, New Guinea.  Crashed into Hansa Bay.

1st Lt Robert B WIDENER (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

2nd Lt Bernard LAZARUS (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt James W LEFLER (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt Francis M MONAHAN (MIA/KIA), 8th BS