My Jonnie

 Evelyn Laverne Johnson Heyn

1924 - 2012



Jonnie & Jack

 Jonnie & Jack

Jean & Jonnie    (Daughter & Mother)

Gail   (Daughter)

Brandon & Friend  (Grandson)

Heather & Friend  (Granddaughter)

 60th Anniversary

 Jonnie & Morgan in the Rose Gardens


In 1976 Jonnie's Mother died in Kansas. After the funeral, we visited one of her Mother's old friends. In her home, she had a huge Christmas Cactus that almost filled a bay window. Jonnie got a slip from it and we brought it home, planted it and nursed it over the years. When we had the house, I would put it in a dark room in the basement for a couple months after the holidays.Then I would bring it out and every year it bloomed profusely.
Seven years ago we bought the Condo.The only place for it was in a corner between two windows (photo), had no dark room to put it in.  It hasn't bloomed since. Today I'm sitting in my chair watching the noon news, glanced over at the cactus and hiding in the rear I saw something pink. I investigated and found one lonely Christmas Cactus Bloom (photos). Wonders never cease.