Memorial Day 2011

Jonnie's 7 siblings produced 2 dozen neices and nephs for her.  Many of whom we have been rather close to over the years.  My two sisters produced 1 niece and 3 nephs for me, none of whom we have been very close to over the years, and seldom see.  This weekend Steve and wife Holly (photo) spent the weekend at No. 1 daughter, Jeanies.  So I had a chance to reconnect with a part of my family.  Steve teaches music at one of the Omaha schools, and has been a good violinist over the years.  Always brings his violin with him, and plays for us (photo).  His music is enjoyed by all except Jeanie's dog (photo).  Been a long time since we've had a picture of us with any of my family (photo) - may very well be the last time.  As usual Bob was busy at the grill (photo) and we had a great holiday dinner(photo).