At the end of December I got a 15 day leave to Melbourne, but had to go by surface transportation.  I would miss the move to Nadzab in January, but had a ball in Melbourne. When I got back the Group was set up at Nadzab. 












1. - Skyline across the Yarro River.
2. - Earl's Court, had 3 dance floors.  spent some time there with Patty.
3. - St. Kilda's Beach, lots of pretty Aussie Lasses - but before the advent of the "Bikini".
4. - Melbournes Botanical Gardens are one of the most beautiful in the world - so they say.
5. - Monica Lynch, Redcross Hostess.  The first few days I spent a lot of time with her on the dance floor at the club. She married a doctor down there, had 9 children.  Connected with a couple of them a few years back and sent them this photo of their Mother, who is no longer with us.
6. - Patty Morris, Aussie Lass that I met and spent most of my time with the last week.  

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