John Jewell

In 1942,  John Jewell was a 9 year old lad living in Charters Towers, Australia.  For 10 months the 3rd BG. was stationed at an air strip adjacent to the town.  He became acquainted with some of the gunners of the 8th Squadron.
In September 2010,  the 3rd Bomb Group had a reunion in New Hampshire. John decided to attend that reunion. He flew to Tulsa where he teamed up with Bill Swain and wife, Carla. Bill's Dad was an 8th Squadron gunner. Rather than fly and view the USA from 30,000 feet, they drove so he could get a close up view of our nation. The reunion was attended mostly by family members, don't believe there was a dozen Vets there - our ranks are getting thin.
On the way back to Tulsa they swung thru Des Moines and spent Sunday afternoon and evening with Jonnie and I. That way he met one more Ancient One that was there 68 years ago.